In accordance with national standards and international good practices in environmental and social sustainability, the Nachtigal Project has set up since April 2015 a Request and Complaints Management Mechanism which aims to collect and process requests and complaints relating to the Project.
Transparent and impartial, the Nachtigal Dam Queries and Complaints Management Mechanism is a conflict resolution tool accessible to all. It is proportionate to the significance of the risks and impacts of the project, and to the effects of the compensation, compensation and resettlement process.


All complaints and requests are a priori admissible. Complaints can be made in writing, orally (face to face, by phone, SMS) or by proxy, in all the local languages of the project intervention area, as well as in the official languages of the country (French and English). They are entered on a form (link on the online form), recorded in a complaints register and in the project’s societal database. An acknowledgment of receipt is given to the applicant.

Once the complaint is registered, the Requests and Complaints Management Officer reviews its admissibility. Only complaints that relate directly to the commitments, activities, impacts, as well as the responsibility and mandate of the project are admissible.

An investigation will be conducted once the complaint or request has been found admissible to determine whether the complaint is founded.
Once the complaint is deemed founded, it will be dealt with by the Project.
A Mediation Committee will be available to the complainant if he is not satisfied with the treatment provided by the Project.
A Board of Appeal will be available as a last fair settlement if the complainant is not satisfied with the solution proposed by the Mediation Committee.

Several options are available to complainants if they are not satisfied with the response to their complaints. NHPC supports the complainants by informing them and by following up the steps taken.

In the particular case of a complaint from a Nachtigal worker, it is advisable to first contact the Request and Complaints Management Officer (OGRP). If there is no consensus, the Nachtigal Project Request and Complaints Management Officer can be contacted as indicated in paragraph 3 below. If the request or complaint concerns labour law and there is no consensus with the employer, the Labour Inspector is the legitimate authority to examine the situation. In the case of a complaint concerning gender-based violence, the NGO ALVF is available at the CMA in Batchenga to offer care and support to survivors.


The filing of requests and complaints can be carried out :

  • Online by clicking on Complaints
  • In our office in Batchenga, open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    A requests and complaints office is open within the premises of the societal team in Batchenga, for the collection and handling of complaints. It is managed by the Requests and Complaints Management Officer. A complaints box is also installed for those who wish to remain anonymous or who come to the office after hours.

It is possible to file your request or complaint by phone, email or mail by contacting our requests and complaints officer..

Josianne KUIDOU

Contact: +237 690 87 39 76