Technical components


The project: design, build and operate for 35 years a 420 MW hydroelectric facility on the Sanaga River at the level of the upstream Nachtigal Falls (located 70 km north-east of Yaoundé) and a 50.8 km evacuation 225 kV line from Nachtigal to Nyom 2 (north of Yaoundé).

The Nachtigal hydroelectric facility will produce an average of 2.9 TWh from 2024 onwards; this energy corresponds to about one third of the consumption on the South Interconnected Network by that time.

Gross drop height

Main dam of
1455m long

28,0 Mm3

Inbound debit
650 m3/s
90% of time

Power installed:
420 MW


Configuration: Double JdB, 7 groups , 2 line feeds, Coupling

Rated voltage: 225 kV, Power frequency withstand voltage: 460 kV to ground, Icc:31.5 kA

Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 1050 kV to ground, IJDB:4000A, groups and line: 2000 A, coupling:4000A

  • Line built by NHPC, handed over to SONATREL upon reception
  • Length: 50.3km
  • 2 links on a row of double masts – possibility to work with one mast under tension
  • Aster 570 double beam
  • Double flag towers (G4B3S0, G4B3S1, G4B3A, G4B3T)
  • 2 OPGW guard cables – 48 FO
  • Spiral beacons all along the line
  • Purpose: to provide accommodation for all operating staff near the hydroelectric facility, in a less isolated setting to facilitate family life
  • Location: Emana-Batchenga, opposite the high school, on the edge of the RN15, on a plot of land included in the public domain on a surface of 19 ha
  • Housing:
    • 63 individual residences (6 F2, 17 F3, 25 F4 et 15 F5)
    • 01 transit residence of 10 rooms
  • Infrastructures:
    • Landfills and other networks (sewerage, water, electricity, telephone, TV, Internet)
    • Public Buildings (Restaurant, Medical Centre, Leisure Centre, Maintenance Building, AEP Building, Military Post Office, Gate Houses, Miradors…)
    • Sports fields (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Petanque, Tennis…..)